Fastbreak Urban Photo Pack

The Urban Photo Pack is the perfect all-in-one backpack for photographers.


The FASTBREAK URBAN PACK COLLECTION combines the classic backpack with the functional design of a freerunner's tool.

Urban Pack Allround

Even if you're just a busy freerunner who only needs the FASTBREAK Parkour Pack Aerial for sports, sometimes you like to have a usual backpack which has the same stylish shape of the Aerial?

Urban Pack Underbar

The Urban Pack Underbar is a massive multiplayer among the other FASTBREAK backpacks.

Urban Pack Balance

Even if you, as a freerunner, don't need more than yourself and a good spot, sometimes you've got loads of stuff to carry.

Urban Pack Flip

The perfect companion for the daily grind between job or school and the concrete jungle.

Urban Pack TicTac

The Urban Pack TicTac is the perfect mix between the Urban Pack Flip and the Urban Pack Balance.